3x VSL Generator & Formula Review – Is Jon Benson’s Program Good?

Oh No!  Not Another Product Showing You How The Psychology Behind Video Sales Letters Can Be The Key To Cashing In On Your Product…

Okay, so we all know that video sales letters work.  And we all know that we need to constantly be updating our knowledge on how to draw our customers in.  But can 3x Marketing Formula really give you the method to3x vsl generator automatically get sales copy written to double or triple your conversions, upsells and opt ins?

We must admit that when we see claims such as this we automatically begin to smell a rat.  So we realized that it was our job – nay, our duty – to get down and dirty with 3x Marketing Formula, and discover exactly whether it really can live up to its outlandish claims.

Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

What do you get for your money?

So when you purchase  The 3X VSL Formula Course, what you get is a software program and training course known as the 3x VSL Generator.  This is a revamped 3X VSL Formula course that gives you the vital knowledge and ability to create the next generation of video sales letters.

The course includes the following:

  • The 3x VSL Formula training course:  Over 12 hours of slide by slide video tutorial training and a further 18 hours of video instruction.  This gives you the inside track on how to get into the psyche of your potential customers.  This includes how to record, how to sell with your voice and how to fast track your video sales letters.  You delve deep into the psychology of sales, neurolinguistic programming and how to create powerful stories that really sell.
  • The 3x VSL Generator mini tutorials:  Mini videos that give you the exact information you need to create each section and slide within your 3x VSL Generator.  This includes instruction on your emails, blogs, copy and much, much more…
  • Automatic creation of your Power Point slides:  Yep, this generator will automatically help you create these, saving you up to 95% of the time usually spent on this onerous task.
  • The Generator’s handy note taking feature:  This little tool allows you to take notes anywhere within the system and tag it to the section you require.  Once again, this is a huge time saver when you’re compiling the words you need to make that great, cash generating, video sales letter.
  • Create multiple VSLs:  With the Enterprise Solution you can create as many video sales letter as you want, all at the click of a mouse.
  • Template creation option: Of your very best VSLs, giving you the opportunity to cut down your split testing time and keep the best ones as a template.
  • Automatic sales copy generator:  From scratch.  Literally by pointing, clicking and saving…
  • Step by step assurance: with the detailed slide viewer, meaning you can edit, add slides and make your VSL completely personal to your needs.

And much, much more…

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Who is it for?

Well, do you want to make money online?  Maybe you’re already an Internet Marketer, or have aspirations to become one.  If so, then 3x Marketing Formula has been produced to help you not only become a success, but become a mega success.  Even the most novice of marketers understands that it’s the ability to get into the public’s psyche that creates sales, and this little gem does exactly that – in virtually no time at all.

Whether your young or old, male or female, experienced at Internet Marketing or not, then you can learn loads from 3x Marketing Formula.  This little baby doesn’t even require you to have loads of pre-existing knowledge, because it works just as well if you’re a complete rookie or a seasoned marketer.  And whether you work at your Internet Marketing business full time, part time or only on and ad hoc basis, it honestly will provide you with crucial information that will see your sales rocket.

Who is Jon Benson?

Jon BensonJon certainly is one of Internet Marketing’s brightest stars and the creator of the ugly sales letter.  Not only has this guy made himself a packet with his inspirational, unique and hard selling copy, but he also created the original 3x VSL Formula Course three years ago.  And boy, did this take the best in the business by surprise.  In fact, within six months of the product being launched, nineteen out of the top twenty five best selling offers on the Internet were being created using this product.  And they raked in millions upon millions of dollars.

But, as we all know, three years is a long time in the online world.  And 3x Marketing Formula is the totally new, totally updated version of this best selling software.

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The Pros

  • 3x Marketing Formula is not just a VSL creator, it’s an educational training course that gives you the knowledge you need to understand exactly why this method works.  Once you begin to understand the covert psychology behind VSLs that truly sell, so yours will become better and – the real meat behind the product – generate you more income.
  • This little baby is a huge time saver.  And we’re not talking saving a few minutes here and there.  What we’re talking about is saving you up to 95% of the time you need to spend concocting your VSLs.  And that’s certainly not something to be sniffed at.
  • You get a huge amount of information for your money.  Far more than you will believe once you start delving into the course.  And not only that, it’s simple (and fun) to understand.
  • It comes with a superb no quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.  Making trying out 3x Marketing Formula a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion…

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The Cons

  • Well, we have to say that we’ve struggled to find a con with this little baby.  But if you’re currently holding down a regular J.O.B., then once you start to see quite how much money you can draw in with VSLs that 30 Day Money Backgenuinely work, then we’d bet our last dollar that you’re fingers will be itching over the keyboard to get that resignation letter drafted up…

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well.  Considering that we honestly thought 3x Marketing Formula was going to be just another run of the mill product that didn’t really provide anything new, then we’ve got to admit that we couldn’t have been more wrong.  And in case you’re wondering if it really does offer anything new over its predecessor, then we can tell you that yes, it honestly does.

The thing is, Internet Marketing and those who work in the business have to move with the times.  And three years is like three decades when you’re talking about this industry.  In fact, if you don’t constantly keep yourself updated then you run the very real risk of becoming a dinosaur (and believe us, it doesn’t take long to become one of those ‘used to do very well a few years back’ in this world).  If you take your marketing career and profits seriously, then you could do far worse than try out 3x Marketing Formula.

In a nutshell, we really do think it rocks!  Well done (and thank you), John Benson…

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  • adam August 18, 2013, 5:18 am

    hi JOHN!

    thanks for the review.

    and am also now checking the other reviews you did!

    just one question, is this ALL online (especially the generator itself)?

    or is the software program downloadable and to be installed on your laptop?

    i ask because this looks like an awesome program, however if i need to be online (or needs internet connection) to be able to use the generator — especially in places with no internet connection, then that is my concern here.

    so since you have already seen this and all, kindly let me know your thoughts about this.


  • John Barry August 20, 2013, 8:09 am

    3X VSL is only available online I believe. This actually allows the software to be updated real time so you always have the latest info and generator.

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