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Today I have a cool tool to help spice up your Facebook page.  You can create your own Facebook timeline app graphics.  Check out this article/tip from


Want to change the app images on your Facebook Timeline but don’t have the graphic design skills needed to create your own? You don’t have to be a design wiz or have anyfacebook fanpage timeline app tech skills to create beautiful app images using the Timeline Image Tool.

Timeline Image Tool lets you create your own image, add text, then upload it automatically to your Facebook page for free!

In the Timeline Image Tool there is a library of images you can use to create beautiful custom timeline images, or you can upload your own image for a more personalized look. With all of the image, font, and color options, there are endless possibilities to create great Facbook app images that match your brand.

It doesn’t need to be hard to change those little images on your Facebook Timeline Page. Check out, a FREE tool to help you design and create Facebook Timeline Images in a Snap!



The Bizzy Buzz is a great resource for business people run by Mara Glazer, the daughter of the infamous market Bill Glazer.  Mara’s site has lots of great tips and articles for the female entrepreneur.

Now back to this Facebook App thing.  If you don’t want to use the super easy cool tool I showed above, I have posted a video of how you can do it the old school manual way.

 So have you updated your fanpage yet?  Got any tips or tricks?  Let us know in the comments below.

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