Instant Customer Revolution Review – Is Mike Koenig’s Program Good?

If you have seen any of Mike Koenig’s programs before and were interested then you need to pay special attention and read this Instant Customer Revolution review.

So Mike’s new program started off with him giving away his free book and video series and in there he show how users of his previous programs are making loads of cash by just following his systems and incorporating them into their new or existing businesses or helping others implement it in their businesses.

Well with this new system he says its even better than his others…and you’ll see why shortly.

The program is designed to show you the “fastest path to the cash” as a highly-paid small business marketing consultant OR how to become a “marketing agency” for your own business with the latest, cutting-edge tools, systems, training & strategies.

If you want to learn and automate the latest marketing systems in your own business, or to help others do it for themselves then this is the program you have been looking for.  It contains 14 DVDs add nearly 500 pages step-by-step systems and templates in print and electronically. The 500+ page binder is full of contracts, scripts, templates
how-to-guides, sample ads and much more!

Seriously…you just personalize it for you company name…. that’s it!

Newsletters, emails, postcards, website squeeze pages, video templates, social media lines and setups for Facebook, twitter, and on and on and on….

But doesn’t this sound like his other programs?

So what is Instant Customer Revolution and how is it different than Main Street Marketing Machines, Social Media Marketing Machines, Fusion & Cross-Channel MOJO?

Well guess what?  It’s not exactly different.

Instant Customer Revolution is all of those combined PLUS Instant Customer, Firepower & more!  He shows 18 ways of earning  income PLUS he will have one of his successful students Diego Rodriguez coaching you along the way.  Oh, let’s not forget his new “Agency” edition Traffic Geyser system that blasts out your videos, articles and blog posts  to 100+ places on the Internet.  What makes Instant Customer Revolution unique is it includes updated and enhanced tools and resources that have never been made available before. You’ll benefit from decades worth of experience, research, powerful resources and done-for-you templates that have been generated millions of dollars for our customers.

PLUS 2 Tickets to his LIVE in person marketing event!  

That is worth the cost of the program alone.  Get live training plus network with all the successful students of the past and those who will go on this journey with you.

Yes, there are some Instant Customer Revolution bonus components and I’ll update that as soon as I have word on them.

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, product creator, author, expert, speaker, consultant, coach, you want to:

– Make more money
– Grow or start a business
– Get more traffic
– Get more leads & prospects
– Stop trading time for money
– Generate monthly recurring income

And this is what Instant Customer Revolution helps you do AND even helps you automate many parts of it.

Mike has worked with the best marketers out there like Tony Robins, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer (too many to name)…and successful past students like Fireman Mike LeMoine.  He’s taken all their knowledge and put it into this one program.

So do I think its a good program?  

Well, I recommended each of Mike’s programs stand alone, but now that he’s including them all in one package….you’d be nuts not to grab it.


Instant Customer Revolution review

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