Local Businesses: Now is the Time to step Up Your Marketing

Ok…the time has come for me to get started again.  My mini break is over.  For those of you just learning who I am, my name is John Barry, an entrepenuer with the love for marketing.  I grew to love direct reponse marketing and business practices during my lastest excursion with a Cajun restaurant that I opened in Pearland, O’Cajcen Seafood Restaurant.  I was able to build the tiny restaurant up from scratch.  I had customers that would drive 30 minutes to the restaurant and that’s after they had flown in from another state!

Much of my marketing knowledge comes from Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems and “The Professor of Harsh Reality” Dan Kennedy.  Once I was exposed with them I was bit with the marketing bug.  Everything they taught I would implement into my business.  The direct marketing practices as well as many other business principles is what allowed me to build my award winning restaurant.
My goal in this blog is to teach some of the lessons I learned for that business as well as many other lessons that I study all the time.  Over the next seven messages I will post the 7 Top Tips for Dominating Your Market Quickly.
John Barry
The Marketing King
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